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5 Questions With Valentina Luco, Handbag Designer

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After having studied issues related to fashion in New York and Spain, Valentina returned to Chile wanting to make different and avant-garde portfolios and thus her brand Valentina Luco was born.

1. How did you get trained?

I studied Costume Design at Universidad del Pacífico for 5 years. During that period I did my professional internship with the national designer Pola Thomson in Chile and New York. When I was in the United States, I did two courses at the FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) school of Styling and Fashion History. Last year I resumed my studies in Spain, where I did a Fashion Entrepreneurship course at Conde Nast Spain.

2. Your wallets are avant-garde and are very much in line with those seen in street style outside. What led you to this?

It was a process, a series of events that led me to create my brand. When I was in New York I had to go to a showroom of a well-known designer and I fell in love because they were different purses, full of color, with geometric shapes, which you don’t see much in Chile. In that minute I said: I want to make portfolios. When I did the Entrepreneurship course, I learned that the most important thing is differentiation and that is why I chose to vary in materials, using, for example, upholstery fabrics, PVC etc. When I design I think about what you tell me, that they be avant-garde and that at some point they will be seen in the street styles of different fashion capitals, that is my goal.

3. What’s your style tip that never fails?

For me, what never fails is to wear something super loose and relaxed with something tighter and sexy. I think this is how we show and look feminine, but at the same time we are comfortable and relaxed.

4. What is your beauty essential?

For me, the skin is essential, that’s why I always use sunscreen during the day, to prevent spots and wrinkles and at night I use a night serum from the brand Lixir with retinol that I recommend 100%, it’s great!

5. Where can we find you?

You can find me on my Instagram @valentinalucokorn, where we deliver to all of Chile. In Tienda Metanoia, which is in Alonso de Cordova 4212, we have some models. In addition, later we will be selling in different parts of Santiago, so watch out for new information.

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