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5 Questions With Isidora Borel From The New Way, Reviews Of Natural Skincare Products

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It all started when I lived in Switzerland, where the market for organic, clean and natural cosmetic products is highly developed. There he began to choose the simple and base skin care on nature and products that would not irritate or cause any type of damage to the skin or body. Some time ago he created “The New Way”, where he shares honest and educational reviews about natural skincare products.

1. How did you get trained?

I am a Commercial Engineer by profession and in fact, I work as such. It has been several years, approximately 10, that the world of clean and natural cosmetics has attracted my attention on a daily basis and I also practice it by choosing products from different parts of the world. I have always been researching and reading self-taught. In addition, I have been trained in international schools, such as in London, on the formulation of natural products and understanding how it works on the skin. With the growth that @ thenewway.cl has had, I keep abreast of what is happening in Chile and the world in terms of brands, products and experiences.

2. Your reviews about skincare products are honest, simple and really invite you to want to try them or not. Also, your friendliness and naturalness make it even more real. What led you to get into this world of the most natural and organic skincare?

I am sure that transparency is the greatest value when viewing a review through a screen. Everything that I actually show I test on my skin and I share a real opinion, which I consider key to be able to create a community based on trust, which is very important to me. @ thenewway.cl actually has the name of “new way”, because that is how I saw it when I began to be interested in clean, natural and organic cosmetics. This interest started when I lived in Switzerland, where the market for cosmetic products of this type is very developed and it made sense to choose the simple and base my skin care on nature and products that do not irritate or cause any kind of damage to the skin. skin or body. In addition, I consider that the experience of using more natural products feels more pleasant and covers different senses as well.

3. What’s your style tip that never fails?

In any case, worry about maintaining healthy and nourished skin. Once I began to take care of my skin in a conscious way, I did not need more makeup bases for daily use and I feel that this gives a touch of naturalness to each person, in addition to working on the acceptance and self-esteem of each skin type.

4. What is your beauty essential?

What a difficult question !! But without considering my daily Skincare routine in the morning and at night, something that I use a lot because I love how it leaves my skin, the touch it gives, it is without a doubt an illuminator. Many times it is the only thing I apply on the skin during the day to make it look more illuminated, radiant and fresh. I apply it on the cheekbone and under the eyebrow normally and I love how it leaves the skin during the day!

5. Where can we find you?

On my Instagram @ thenewway.cl they find me daily! It is a space that I created to talk about skincare, share my experience with all the products I try and read the experiences of my followers too! They are all welcome!

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