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5 Places Full Of Style To Visit This 2016

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If you are a soul traveler who is always looking for new and entertaining destinations to visit, then the following article is for you! Meet these 5 new and incredible places full of style and character perfect to visit before they get too famous. Unique cities full of tourist activities and culture that will completely amaze you.

Start packing your bags because after seeing these places you will probably want to travel to know them!

1) Mozambique, Africa

Mozambique is the perfect mix between adventure and relaxation. In addition, its colonial architecture, and its lively nightlife contrast in an incredible and entertaining way with its beautiful beach and mystical jungle…. Diving, going on safari, enjoying a night in a bar or relaxing on the beach are some of the thousands of things to do in Mozambique.est1

2) Adelaide, Australia

The local music, fairs, markets, botanical gardens and amazing culinary scenes that can be seen in this city in South Australia, make it one of the most desired destinations for tourists in the world. Also if you are a fan[email protected] of wine you can go for the day to the nearby town of Barossa to taste its liquors and appreciate its beautiful landscapes.est2

3) Valle Duoro, Portugal

This town in the north of Portugal stands out for being an unknown but amazing wine region… so if you like to be a pioneer, then visit it before it becomes too well known!est3

4) Guadeloupe, Caribbean

This is an impressive and beautiful Caribbean island known as the poor sister of St. Barth (because its prices are much lower), so if you are looking for a nice and relaxed place to visit, then Guadeloupe is your place!est4

5) Aarhus, Denmark

In the European city of Aarhus you will soak up all the Danish culture especially art, design and architecture…. Every corner of this destination will completely surprise you!est5

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