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16 Entertaining Ideas For A Second Date

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If your first date was a bit awkward and boring, you should give the suitor another chance with a more relaxed and entertaining outing. Go ahead and try these 16 second date ideas that will help you discover if it is or not for you …

Which one would you choose ?!

Go to the beach

It does not matter if it is winter or summer, you can always have an entertaining picnic watching the sea. The sunset is a must!

Ice skating

Leave behind that excuse that you have a bad physical condition and a bad balance. Ice skating is fun for everyone to bang and a lot of fun.

Make a fire

Although finding the right spot can be a bit difficult, an outdoor fire pit can create an entertaining and relaxed atmosphere for conversation. You can accompany it with music and a delicious aperitif.

Have a picnic in the park

Highly recommended! Take a blanket, prepare some delicious sandwiches and settle in the most beautiful area of ​​the park.

Tour the city by bike

A dynamic and highly entertaining way to exercise and city ​​tour at once.

Visit an art gallery

In addition to having tickets almost always free, art galleries always generate entertaining and original topics of conversation.

Go to a wine tasting

An entertaining and innovative way to learn about the process, always accompanied by a delicious glass of wine.

Attend a live music show

Find out where your favorite group plays and enjoy the best music in good company.

Visit an amusement park

Perfect for releasing tension and relaxing. Let love flow on the Ferris wheel, roller coaster or carousel.

Go to a karaoke

It doesn’t matter if neither of you can sing, karaoke is for laughing and relaxing with the singing of others.

Play mini golf

Relive an old movie by playing classic, entertaining and super romantic mini golf.

Play bowling

A dynamic and super entertaining game that you can accompany with a delicious pizza.

Enroll in cooking classes

Young Couple Making Pizza In Kitchen Together

Did you know that many people fall in love first because of the stomach? Let the love flow with some fun and delicious cooking classes.

Attend a sporting event

Sporting events generate an adrenaline rush that has been shown to be beneficial for love.

See a series

Settle down on a good sofa and schedule a fun series that invites relaxation.

Visit a zoo

If you both share a taste for animals, you will have an incredible time in this place that brings together almost all wild species.

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