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10 Beauty Tricks To Be Ready In 10 Minutes After The Gym

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Whether you train in the morning before work, on your lunch break, or before heading out at night, leaving the gym looking fresh with little effort and time is essential. That’s why we put together 10 tips to get you ready in just 10 minutes after training.

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Post Shower Care


1. Moisturize damp skin

As soon as you get out of the shower, dry the excess water with your towel and apply cream all over your body. This will help the lotion absorb any remaining moisture and leave you with smoother than normal skin.

2. Removes mascara residue

Quickly get rid of leftover eyeliner and mascara without resorting to makeup remover: put a little face cream on a cotton pad and rub it over the area to clean it.

3. Apply a face mask

If you are still red from training, try a quick peel that hopefully is natural and gentle on your skin. Leave it on for 10 minutes to purify the pores and remove the layer of dead cells, for radiant skin!

4. Follow immediately with a serum and face cream

The cream takes about half an hour to fully absorb into your skin, and if you apply the foundation when it is not yet dry it will slip and will not last anything on your face. The solution: allow your serum, cream and sunscreen to penetrate your skin while you comb your hair. Then move on to makeup.

Hair Tricks


5. Make a homemade shower cap

Did you forget the bathing cap? No problem, take a plastic bag and wrap it around your head to keep the water out. A turban with a dry towel will work just as well.

6. Just wash your chasquilla

Even if your hair is a bit sweaty, avoid washing it. Instead, work with the texture that gives your hair a bit dirtier and do a loose hairstyle with waves or a ponytail or tomato. To make sure it looks clean, tease your hair and set your bangs aside to wash with shampoo and conditioner. Blow dry and your hair will look like new.

7. Dry your hair away from showers

It is more difficult to dry your hair in humid environments, so try to dry it as far away from the shower as possible to finish faster and avoid frizz!

8. Create a cocktail of special hair products

Try this three-step routine for when you want to refresh your hair, add volume, and hide bad smells: you just need to apply dry shampoo, then texturizing spray, and finally a rich-smelling hair oil.

Makeup Essentials


9. Skip the powders

Powders can cling uncomfortably to heated skin, so try cream products instead, which will add color and penetrate the skin very naturally.

10. Highlight your eyes

If your cheeks are still red, avoid colored lipstick as it will draw more attention to your cheeks. Instead, highlight your lashes by curling them and using your favorite mascara. Makeup lashes make you look more awake and made up without having to put too much product on your skin.

Do you have any other tips for when you leave the gym? Tell us below!

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