“He is no Saint, that’s why he’s there”: Pepe Magaña spoke of Eleazar “N “‘s stay in prison

Comedian Pepe Magaña spoke about the difficult situation that Eleazar “N” will have to go through when he is locked up in the north prison while waiting for a trial after allegedly assaulting his ex-partner Stephanie Valenzuela.

Magaña referred, in an interview made for the show program First handthat Eleazar will take time to adapt to prison, Well, being a person who is not used to income and does not know how that world works, he could suffer to have to adapt to a new reality, because in the same way it happened to him:

I who went through it, I can tell you that people, from two to three months when they are going to be in a place like this, that they can already adapt

In the same way, the comedian assured that Eleazar does not have to worry about trying to get out of prison, but about accepting his responsibility and looking for a way to improve himself so as not to fall back into that complicated situation, something that fortunately can and has to endure his stay in prison but that sooner or later his lawyers will get him out of there:

He did not kill, he did hurt but he must be aware of what he did, he is not a saint, that is why he is there, he has to put up with it and stop things, let his lawyers work and he will leave
(Photo: Fb / Eleazar Gómez)

And it is that not a few versions have indicated that Eleazar would be going through a bad psychological moment that would have led him to a deep depression, which would have caused the actor to be contemplating attempting against himself. Given this, Pepe Magaña assured that he knows that the actor will be strong enough to get out of the problem and even gave an anecdote about his stay in prison:

A person who spent many years there in jail told me: ‘Señor Magaña, you are leaving here. Live or in a dead box, but it comes out. So what comes out, comes out but I’m going to tell you one thing, he won’t kill himself or anything

He also affirmed that one of the advantages that Eleazar has that almost all the other inmates do not have is that he is a person who has economic resources, For this reason, he told him again that “I am sorry for what he did” and that in this way he will be able to get out of prison without any problem.

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Eleazar N and Tefi Valenzuela (Photo: Instagram @ tefivalenzuela / @ eleazargomez333)

The comedian concluded by stating that it is also true that there are injustices that are very serious and that there are examples within the prison itself where abuses have occurred but that there are also various excuses for the authority to feel pity on them, which is not going to happen:

They are people who have money and who can survive in there and out here, who are tough and are going to leave, they are going to leave. And that he really has a regret because the woman is not touched, there are injustices, not only with me but with many people, but in there you ask and everyone is innocent, it is incredible

Pepe Magaña was around three years in prison after the injustice of having been associated with an alleged wife of a police commander, according to their own statements.

In the role, the comedian was accused of consumption and trafficking of illegal substances, for which he was imprisoned in the north prison, where he befriended none other than Rafael Caro Quintero and Don Neto, two of the best known drug traffickers in Mexico.