He confuses the feathers of his hat with those of a lost bird and messes it up in Wallapop

Brian Adam

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Wallapop may seem like a normal second-hand item buying and selling platform, sometimes its users defy the laws of surrealism. The last thing has been to confuse (or not) the feathers of a lost bird with those of a wedding hat. Although the most striking thing is the revenge that the owner of the lost bird confesses against his neighbor.


The experience published on Twitter takes more than half a million views, And no wonder. The only way to see these types of conversations is through screenshots, since Wallapop chats are private between potential buyers and sellers. However, @ladelmeteorito has not been able to save the surreal experience that his cousin has lived. We warn that bird (and cat) lovers might be offended.

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my cousin asks me to upload some hats that she wants to sell to wallapop and this happens: https://t.co/x05BFdl7IU

March 26, 2023 • 00:12



This girl puts a hat with ornaments on the platform, typical of events where etiquette is essential (such as a wedding or a communion). We won’t get into a debate about whether 60 euros is too much or not, but another Wallapop user was familiar with the green and yellow plumage that he was hooked on her. So much so that he decided to start a conversation, not because of the hat itself, but because of its decorations.

The man comments that he lost his bird a few days ago, and that it has caught his attention that this accessory has feathers very similar to those of his bird. In fact, it could be considered that he makes a subtle accusation against @ladelmeteorito’s cousin, to whom she has no other reaction than to laugh and apologize for not being of great help in this loss. She evidently hasn’t seen the bird, much less has she made a hat out of the poor animal.

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ok i’m forced to upload part 2 https://t.co/WQAVJtS6Y5

March 26, 2023 • 17:08




Not wanting to give up, he asks her again if she hasn’t seen a similar bird. The girl, who can only offer to sell the feathers so that this gentleman is relieved, discovers a revenge plot against a neighbor of hers. «It’s just that last year the same thing happened to me with the neighbor from the third floor. One day my bird disappeared and days later the lady appeared with a headdress«. Neighbors with weird tastes or obsessed bird owners. Be that as it may, the conversation ends with a shocking statement: «my bathroom mat is his old catbut I have not done it with malice«. Will it be true? Could they have fooled the young woman who only wanted to sell her hat for 60 euros?