HBO Max raises its monthly rate, even affecting the promotional price “forever”

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Today is not a good day for HBO Max subscribers in Spain, among other markets, since they are beginning to receive an email message notifying them that the monthly cost of the service will rise, being 1 euro more for Spain and the countries Nordic, and 2 euros for Bulgaria and Portugal, reflected in the next billing cycle.

This is the first upload made by this platform in Spain, but the curious thing is that it was done months before starting the transition to the new brand, which, as we know at this point, will be called simply Max.

New pricing scheme

The monthly price for Spain will remain at 9.99 euros per month, but the increase also affects the 50% reduced price that was initially offered, similar to what SkyShowTime did months ago, going from paying 4.49 euros per month to be paid from now on 4.99 euros per month.

The controversy at this point is that the platform is not maintaining the promotional price promised at the beginning, which was sold as a price that would be maintained forever as long as users have an active subscription.

We already see that “forever” is an advertising argument that must be taken with a grain of salt, because one is confident and then surprises arrive, and today we do not know if it will be maintained after having made the transition to Max.

Those who get rid of the rise

The only price that will be maintained is the annual price of 69.99 euros, which now becomes the most attractive option for those who are looking for a way to save as much as possible without detriment to the enjoyment of the platform, although equally it will be necessary to know if this price will also be maintained once the transition is completed.

Those who have HBO Max through a telecommunications operator will initially be affected, only those who have contracted HBO Max independently, so in principle they can also be saved in this way.

What has caused the price rise?

From HBO Mac they argue in their statement, sent to subscribers by email, that the increase in their rates is due to the increase in the costs of acquisition, content creation and product development, which will allow them to continue investing in “content quality and product experience.

HBO Max follows the path that other streaming platforms also went through, raising their rates, as is the case with Netflix and Disney+, as we have seen previously, and with similar arguments.

We’ll see what changes at the rate level when it is simply called Max.

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