HBO Max: how to recover wrongly canceled discounted subscription? | TC Detective

 HBO Max: how to recover wrongly canceled discounted subscription?  |  TC Detective
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When it was launched in Europe in mid-2021, HBO Max offered a 50% lifetime discount to new users. However, at the time, several subscribers even complained that there was an undue cancellation of the account – which forced them to make a new contract, without the benefit applied.

Now, Detective TechSmart has discovered new reports of account cancellation with the promotional value. The column explains what happened and tells you how you can get your benefit back.

new case

A user reported to this space that, on May 19, HBO Max canceled his account without any prior request on his part – which made him lose the cost in half.

The subscriber in question had his account since the 50% promotion period for new contracts and normally kept the profile active, without any pending monthly fee or problem with the payment method.

The individual did not even receive a plausible justification from the service for what happened. Only the message to subscribe to new plans appeared – without the discount – right after entering the platform.

It’s not something isolated

Despite being a problem that was known to happen in 2021, shortly after the launch of the streaming service in the country, the case reported to TechSmart does not seem to be isolated.

When searching on the platform Complain here, it is possible to find more examples of the same thing: subscriptions made during the promotional period, which would now be unable to pay half the amount. See the examples below:

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How to recover the benefit?

If you have been affected by an undue cancellation of HBO Max, know that it is possible to recover the benefit of the 50% discount on the monthly fee, for life – as provided for in the initial contract.

Just contact the support of the platform itself, explain the cancellation without the user’s consent and request the 50% discount again to renew the contract. In response, the service will grant a promotional code to reactivate the monthly plan at half the price, as you can see in the email below:


However, upon reactivation, support only grants the benefit on the already readjusted value of HBO Max. Instead of paying BRL 13.95, the cost per month will be BRL 17.45 – half the current value of the package. That is, the consumer will still pay more than before the undue cancellation.

If you prefer, an alternative for complaints is, a public platform that uses Procon intermediation. The Consumer Protection Code (CDC) establishes, in its Art. 35, the forced fulfillment of the offer, in case there is any non-compliance with the contract.

Have you had any similar cases in recent months? How did you manage to resolve the issue? Tell us in the space below.

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