HBO Max error on Apple TV 4k.


Some users are experiencing issues using the HBO Max app, this company is working to resolve the error.”Cannot play title” on Apple TV 4K, Although the bug has not been fixed, HBO has confirmed that it is already working on an update that should be out very soon.

The error presented.

It is known that the apple manufacturer already presented its new Apple TV 4K 2022 a few months ago. A greatly improved product compared to its predecessor, as you can see in our comparison Apple TV 4K 2022 vs Apple TV 4K 2021, and that it will be one of the great sellers of the year.

It is a high-quality media player, but it has problems when it comes to playing HBO Max content. So if you get an error “unplayable title” when trying to play a movie or series from that platform on your Apple TV 4K, you are not the only one.

The issue, reported by many users, appears to occur on all generations of Apple TV 4K running tvOS 16.1 and the latest version 52.50.1 of the HBO Max app, released on November 16.

For some unknown reason, the latest version of the app is unable to stream HDR content, creating an unexpected error.

HBO’s senior vice president of communications, Chris Willard, told The Verge that he is aware of the issues and is working on a fix that will be included in a future app update.

It should be noted that The Verge publisher was affected by this issue and was unable to resolve it. This is the deal: “The company’s dedicated support team responded to my note and told me that the development team is actively investigating the issue and advised me to stay tuned for future updates that resolve the issue.”says The Verge.

HBO Max has confirmed that it is aware of the issue and is working to resolve it. The company says that its technical team is investigating the issue and that users should wait for a software update that should restore proper functionality.

Generic solutions for HBO Max error on Apple TV 4K.

Some users have experienced a sporadic issue while others are unable to stream content without the playback error occurring. However, some have found workarounds that require closing the app, quitting it, reinstalling it, or restarting the Apple TV.

In other cases, as the error is related to HDR content, some users have opted to switch Apple TV to SDR mode, which makes the error message go away.

To do this, go to the Apple TV Settings app and select the Video & Audio menu. Next, change the format from HDR to SDR, set the content to Off, and turn off dynamic range and frame rate adjustment.

For some users, it was possible to force Apple TV to run at 1080p or 720p resolution. But, obviously, they are not ideal solutions. We recommend waiting for HBO Max to fix the issue on its own rather than struggling with low-resolution content.

So the only option is to sit back and wait for HBO Max and Apple to fix this problem that makes it difficult to enjoy movies, series and other content and not just lower the quality of our training.