HBO Max app gives error messages when playing on Apple TV 4K

HBO Max app gives error messages when playing on Apple TV 4K

O HBO Max will implement improvements to avoid new reproduction errors in the titles of its catalogue. At first, this is a problem that is affecting several devices Apple TV 4K since last week. The device even reached the Europeian market recently, with a lower price than the previous generation.

According to information provided to the The Verge, the situation seems to affect all devices using the tvOS system in version 16.1. Furthermore, the app version in question is 52.50.1 which was released on the 16th of November. However, HBO’s senior vice president of communications, Chris Willardhas already revealed that they are working on a solution.

So far, the issue is unrelenting and there are a few ways to prevent it from occurring while Apple TV 4K users are using the app. Among the temporary solutions, it is worth trying to restart the device, reinstall the application, exit or even forcefully close it.

Either way, it seems these paths don’t seem to work for everyone. Even so, it’s worth a try, especially for those who get angry with the error message on playback. Likewise, there is yet another solution proposed by customer support and that involves disabling the HDR🇧🇷

For this, the user must go to the settings when entering the Apple TV home screen. Then just access “Video and Audio” and change the Format to SDR. Other options that should be changed are Content Match (Disabled), Match Dynamic Range (disabled) and Match Frame Rate (Disabled).

As already mentioned, this is a temporary solution while the application itself is not updated with the correction of the problem. For those who can enjoy the application without any problems, TechSmart has separated some interesting films about Black Consciousness Day for those who are interested.

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