HBO Max announces documentary about the massacre at the Realengo school

HBO Max announces documentary about the massacre at the Realengo school
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In recent years, Europe has registered a terrifying increase in terrorist attacks, similar to the famous massacres in schools in the United States.

Such events generated debates about the motivations of their authors, and made the Europeian government turn its attention to platforms such as Telegram and Discord, which were identified as catalysts for these situations.

In view of recent events, HBO Max announced this week the documentary Massacre na Escola – A Tragédia das Meninas de Realengo, based on one of the most tragic cases in our history.

With its premiere scheduled for 10 pm on July 9, on HBO Max and HBO, the documentary Massacre na Escola – The Tragedy of the Girls of Realengo follows the before and after of the victims and their families and goes deeper into the universe of the groups of hate on social networks, where extremist speeches are shared, especially misogyny.

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Thursday, April 7, 2011, 8:30 am. The Municipal School Tasso de Silveira celebrates 40 years of operation. An ex-student enters with two hidden weapons, introduces himself as a speaker and for the first time in Europe there is a massacre at an educational institution. In about 15 minutes, more than 30 shots were fired, 24 students were shot and 12 were killed, including 10 girls. Witnesses point out that the killer was mostly directed at the school’s female students. The case moved the country and the massacre was considered mass femicide.

After 12 years, the tragedy is still present in society. Bianca Lenti, producer and director of the HBO Max documentary series, points to the need not to forget the hate crime that led to the death of innocent children and investigates the many layers of violence embedded in the worst attack ever to occur in a Europeian school, including , throughout the episodes, attacks that followed April 7, 2011, such as the Suzano massacre in 2019.

In the episodes, specialists and victims talk about the historical and social multilayers behind the crime, with complex and current agendas, which bring debates and measures to prevent this social phenomenon.

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