Haylou Solar Plus RT3 Brings Bluetooth Calling and Lots of Features for a Low Price

Haylou Solar Plus RT3 Brings Bluetooth Calling and Lots of Features for a Low Price


The Solar Plus RT3 is Haylou’s newest smartwatch to hit the global market and it brings a number of attractive features, such as the ability to answer calls via Bluetooth or track up to 100 physical activities.

Haylou is a brand that is present in more than 100 countries or regions and often sells good wearable products such as smart watches or wireless headphones.

The new Haylou Solar Plus RT3 stands out mainly for allowing you to answer any phone call using the watch itself.

That’s because it brings Bluetooth to connect to the smartphone and also has an integrated speaker, allowing good quality calls in the most diverse environments.

With a frame built in metal, the new Haylou Solar Plus RT3 also stands out for delivering a 1.43-inch AMOLED screen that has a resolution of 466×466 pixels.

This panel has above-average brightness that allows you to view content on sunny days and even has an Always On Display mode so you don’t miss any details of your day to day.

The watch body has two buttons and a rotating crown so the user can control the software, which supports over 100 watch faces.

For those who enjoy playing sports, the Haylou Solar Plus RT3 supports 105 modes so you can track walks, bike rides, runs and even gym workouts.

Thinking about the user’s health, Haylou Solar Plus RT3 supports continuous monitoring of heartbeats (24 hours) and also allows checking the amount of oxygen in the blood (SpO2).

This set also makes it possible to monitor the user’s sleep, recording even the different stages of sleep. Another key highlight is that the Haylou Solar Plus RT3 delivers stress monitoring and menstrual cycle management for women.

The smartwatch battery guarantees up to 7 days of autonomy in continuous use, and it is also water resistant thanks to the IP68 certificate. That is, with Haylou Solar Plus RT3 you can shower and wash your hands without worrying about possible problems.

Where to buy?

Do you like the new Haylou Solar Plus RT3? Then buy at a discount on AliExpress.

The launch price is US$114.98 (~R$620), but from the 24th to the 30th of November you can buy it for only US$42.99 (~R$232) with direct shipping from China.


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