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HAYLOU PurFree, the perfect headphones for those looking for great comfort

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Surely on some occasion when you have spent a lot of time with some headphones put on, whether they are headband or earbuds (such as AirPods), you have ended up with discomfort in the ears. This is something that for many is a big problem, and it can be solved by getting an accessory that uses technology of bone conduction like the new HAYLOU PurFree.

Bone conduction takes advantage of the use of the bones of the. Therefore, we talk about accessories that offer a excellent comfort when using them because they are not at all aggressive and, of course, because of the great ergonomics offered by the HAYLOU product that has received awards for this reason ear (they are open eared). Therefore, either for comfort or to protect the ear, the PurFree are a good choice.

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Great Features in HAYLOU Headphones

The use of bone technology does not mean that the quality of the reproductions offered by the helmets is bad, far from it. A clear example of the good options offered in this section is that it includes directional audio technology, so there is a very good spatial location when using them. Also, the sound is HD (compatible with aptX Hi-Fi due to the use of the Qualcomm 3044 chip), so all the details, music or dialogue from the series are present, with a significant effort made so that bass and treble have an excellent level.


On the other hand, and taking advantage of its manufacture with a titanium alloy, the HAYLOU PurFree include interesting options such as offering waterproof (IP67), so they are not affected by sweat or rain. On the other hand, it must be said that the product includes two microphones to be able to use the headphones with free hands once it is synchronized with phones via Bluetooth (it is possible to do this with tablets and computers too, for example). The point is that by offering this hardware, a Noise Cancellation quite positive to prevent what sounds around you from bothering you.

Great autonomy and full of possibilities

In the first case, it should be noted that the eight hours of use without problems, which is very good since the HAYLOU PurFree is small and weighs only 28 grams. Therefore, you can leave home in peace. In addition, the charging system is magnetic via a USB cable, so it is quite comfortable to use. It should be noted that if you are in a hurry, with a process of 10 minutes, you will have enough energy for a couple of hours of operation.


Apart from all the above, there are some other things that are important to know about these headphones and that are surprising considering that they are the ones that use bone technology. An example is that you can connect to a pair of devices at the same time the helmets, to go from one to another according to your needs. In addition, it includes some buttons that allow from automatically answering calls (and activating the microphones for the use of voice assistants or check reproductions) up to a couple more that allow you to lower or increase the volume -this also turns the headphones on or off-.

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Buy these helmets

Well, from now on they are for sale both on the manufacturer’s own page and in online stores such as Amazon. In what has to do with its price, the one with this model -which is compatible with iOS; Android; Windows; and even macOS- is as follows: €129.99. A rather interesting figure considering how different -but useful- the HAYLOU PurFree are.


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