Having Internet at maximum speed throughout the house is in your hand and it’s that easy

having internet at maximum speed throughout the house is in
having internet at maximum speed throughout the house is in

have internet with good speed at home It is something that always worries us and that we try to achieve by all possible means. If you have already tried everything that you thought could improve the quality when connecting and it does not work, we will explain the trick that will help you achieve it without making it too complicated.

You may have spoken to your operator complaining that the speed is not as expected in all rooms. But your company should not offer you what you have contracted at any point in the house, but rather its obligation is that that is the speed that you have by cable connected to the router. If WiFi does not reach the TV or the computer in another room, you cannot claim anything. But you can take steps to make it work better, and it’s not hard to do.

The normal thing is that we try with a repeater or amplifier. What they do is take the signal and stretch it so that it goes further. But this is not always the best option and it may not have worked for you. There is no point in putting a repeater in a room where the signal is already weak, for example, because it will hardly be effective. But there is another type of device that could help us: a WiFi Mehs system.

Mesh WiFi Mesh System

The difference between using a Mesh WiFi system and boosters is that the former is much more efficient. It uses a system of nodes connected to each other. Different satellites that we will place in different points of the house. The main difference between these and conventional amplifiers is that these satellites are not connected directly to the router but rather connect to each other. In addition, they work intelligently: if the closest one is saturated or down at that moment, you will automatically connect to another one that is working better although further away.

This kind of technology gives us a higher speed and higher performance. More consistent performance across the network. In addition, we will not notice problems or cuts if we move around the house and connect to one and then to another.

Samsung SmartThings Wi-Fi router

Another of the main advantages is that it is very easy to use and install. You do not need a technical installation nor do you need to be an expert to start using it. You can buy a Mesh WiFi system and install it by placing the different satellites at strategic points in the house. In addition, most of them can be controlled from a mobile application where you will see the signal information, for example.

How many nodes do we need? It depends on each house, on each situation. The nodes that you are going to need will depend on the space that you have to cover, where you want the WiFi to arrive and the distribution of your house. Almost all the models that we find on the market have two or three nodes but there is always the option to expand them and buy new satellites to add to the mesh network.

Which one to buy and what to look for

Once we are clear that a mesh network system or WiFi Mesh is going to help us improve the Internet signal at home, we must know which one to buy. There are many models on the market and you should look at a number of aspects. It is essential that you work as much on the 2.4 GHz band as well as the 5 GHz band. Other important aspects are the protocols it uses and adequate encryption to protect the network and avoid risks or hacks. And, in addition, there are other interesting aspects that you can look at, such as the Ethernet ports, since they will allow you to connect to the device by cable and not only through WiFi.

If we are clear about what to look for, we will only have to find one that fits what we are looking for and that we can easily install in our home.

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