Have your favorite Spotify lists always at hand with this trick

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Spotify has earned its way to being the most widely used streaming music application in the world. It is true that there are alternatives that offer better sound quality, such as Apple Music, Tidal or Amazon Music HD. But the platform of Swedish origin has a huge customer base thanks to a catalog with more than 200 million songs and an unbeatable algorithm. In addition, the team behind the development of the app has created all kinds of functions with which you can get the most out of its service. And if you know the best tricks for Spotify, you’ll enjoy this app like never before. We have already talked about how to customize your playlists, or how to find music groups or songs that are similar to your tastes. And today we are going to explain another of those Spotify tricks that you should know if you want to get the most out of everything that this platform offers. streaming music. With this trick for Spotify you will always have your playlists at hand One of Spotify’s maxims is its playlists. On the one hand, we have the ones that have already been created and where you will find the most popular hits. But the music platform allows you to create your own lists so that you can enjoy your favorite songs. The problem is that you probably have a good number of lists, and since they are ordered chronologically, it is more than likely that the ones you use the most are not exactly at hand. Well, you know that it is very easy to organize your Spotify playlists. To do this, you just have to follow these simple steps, since the process is extremely simple. First, open SpotifyGo to the My Library sectionHere you will see all your playlists.Now, you just have to press and hold on any playlist you want to pin, and you will see that the Pin list option appears.Select this option and you will see that it always stays at the top so that you have it at hand. As you may have seen, the process is extremely simple and will not take you more than a few seconds. And what if you want to remove a playlist on Spotify that you have previously pinned? You will only have to repeat the steps that we have indicated, but in this case you must keep pressing on a fixed list so that it stops being fixed. Now that you know this simple trick, you will be able to organize your Spotify playlists so that you can have them at hand whenever you need them. >

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