Have they given you a cell phone and you don’t like it? These are the conditions to return it


Return of a mobile

If you have been given a cell phone, but you don’t need it or you don’t like it, you can only return it under certain conditions in Spain.

A cell phone can be a great gift, whether for those looking for the best camera or the best battery, there is always an ideal model for each person. However, it is also possible not to get it righteither because the device is worse than the current one or because you simply don’t like it.

Fortunately, the right of withdrawal ensures the consumer the possibility of returning the device to the store where they purchased it, and This also implies the return of the money and any costs derived from the purchase. However, in order to do this you must meet certain requirements.

Whether it was purchased in an online store or in a physical store, the law protects the consumer, and there are occasions in which even the trade itself sets conditions of refunds that improve those of the law.

Requirements to return the mobile

As with clothing, appliances or almost any other product, there are certain requirements to be able to make a return and for the store to return the money invested in the purchase. In Spain, the law requires establishments to accept returns only when the item is defective, or when It’s been less than 14 days from an online purchase, without the need to give an explanation and without entailing any cost to the user.

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Furthermore, according to the law, the business is obliged to “refund all payments received from the consumer, including, where applicable, delivery costs, without delay and within 14 days from the date on which it has been informed of the decision to withdraw”, so The buyer will not assume any type of cost.

This is the minimum, however, many establishments, on their own, adopt broader policies that benefit the consumer more in these situations. Therefore, before buying it is always advisable attend to the particular conditions of said trade, since, beyond the minimums established by law, they are the norm by which they are governed. It must be taken into account, in the case of online stores, that these conditions, by law, must be clarified on the website. If you don’t have a section for this, be wary.

In most cases, in order to carry out a return it is important that the mobile phone is in perfect condition and that it has not suffered any type of damage due to the buyer’s fault. If it has come with any type of defect, it is best to change it immediately.

Second-hand purchases from an individual are regulated by the Civil Code rather than by consumer regulations, so there is no guarantee of any kind. You can discuss the issue with said person, and if no agreement is reached, you can file a claim in court, as long as the reason is a problem or defect that has been hidden in the purchased device.

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