Has your MacBook screen gone black? Try these two solutions


You may have a major problem on your Apple MacBook computer that the screen has gone black and you cannot use the laptop normally for this reason. Before taking the equipment to the technical service, we show you some options that you can try to make everything return to normal. The options that we are going to indicate are always effective in the event that there is no physical break in the screen, either in the panel itself or in one of the circuits that communicate it with the rest of the computer components. If this is not the case, it is possible that you can solve the problem that is happening to you and that does not allow you to use the MacBook normally. By the way, the two possibilities that we will show you are not dangerous with the laptop, but ideally, you should be extremely careful when proceeding. Solutions to fix the black screen on MacBooks One of the things that can happen for you to see the screen the way we discussed is that the operating system stops working correctly, and for this reason the graphics card stops sending information to the dashboard. This, inevitably, makes everything look black and by extension makes it impossible to use the mouse, for example. This is usually fixed by restarting the computer, but obviously this is not easy to do because you don’t have access to the macOS menus. If you have tried to vary the brightness in case this solves something, it is best to use the key combination to execute the action we are talking about (unfortunately, it is very possible that the active work is lost). This is what you have to do: simultaneously press Command + Control (which is the key with the symbol with four loops) and also the power button – depending on the model, this can be replaced by the access to the ID or the expulsion element-. If this doesn’t work, you can always try pressing the power button for 10 seconds, and then wait about 30 seconds to turn the MacBook back on. This is more aggressive than the previous one, but its effectiveness is greater. A trick to use thanks to the laptop keyboard There is a sequence of keystrokes that are unofficial, but that has saved more than one life if the computer screen was black. Of course, this is only effective with the models of the MacBook range that have a power button and not Touch ID. What you have to do is what we show you below: Press the power button and a dialog box will open, which you obviously will not see. Now, press the S on the computer keyboard to put the computer to sleep . Now, use the power button again -for 10 seconds or more-.Wait 20 seconds and turn on the equipment again. It is more than possible that everything is back to normal, but that active work is lost. But at least you can use the MacBook. >

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