Hangouts has already closed on Android: Google Chat takes over on your mobile

Last June, Google set a date for the death of Hangouts. Hangouts will close on November 1, the date on which this messaging service will no longer be available, but before that the company has been carrying out a transition period.

Google is slowly shutting down Hangouts. A few weeks ago it was replaced by Google Chat in the new Gmail and now we see that the Hangouts mobile app has also been replaced by Google Chat.

Google Chat has already replaced Hangouts on Android

Hangouts Close Android

Google Hangouts has already stopped working on Android. If you still have the application installed and you can log in with your account you will see that a new screen prevents you from using Hangouts from your mobile. Now the application notifies you that Google Chat has replaced Hangouts and that now to be able to access your conversations you have to use Chat in Gmail or download the app google-chat.

The web version of Hangouts is now the only way to be able to use this messaging service, but you will only be able to do it before November, since from the first day of that month Google will also close the web version of Hangouts.

With this closure, Google is now left with two messaging applications. On one side it has Google Messages as its SMS and RCS application and on the other hand it has google-chat as your most production-oriented messaging service with your workspaces.

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The closure of Hangouts for Android joins the closure of Google Duo, which in recent weeks has become the new Google Meet, although Google has messed it up a bit in the transition.