Hangouts closes in November: a new screen invites its users to switch to Google Chat

The long agony of Hangouts It will come to an end in the remainder of the year. after years of waiting Google has already set a date for the death of Hangoutsalthough the Android application was removed last March and is now going to start force migration of Hangouts users to Google Chat.

As the company announced in 2020, google-chat It will be the successor to Google Hangouts, just as it recently announced that Google Duo will evolve into the new Google Meet. Thus, at the end of 2022, the company will go from three messaging applications to two applications and from two video call applications to one video call application.

Hangouts will say goodbye to us in November

In August of last year, the transition from Hangouts to Chat began, where the company through the Hangouts application began to inform its users that Google Chat would soon replace Hangouts, showing a shortcut to change to Chat, but almost a year later still Google Chat has not replaced Hangouts.

hangout chat

In the Google ad we now know that Hangouts already has its days numberedwith which the application from today will show a new screen which will ask its users to upgrade to Chat in Gmail or the Chat app. For now, the user can close the new screen to continue using Hangouts, but there will come a time when they will not be able to close the screen and if they want to continue chatting, they will have to migrate to Google Chat.

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All our conversations have been migrated to Google Chat, so the user does not have to do anything. We will see the same contacts and messages that we had in Hangouts. Also, there is no need to install any application, since Google Chat is integrated into Gmail for Androidbut we can install your dedicated app. Starting in July everyone who uses Hangouts on the web version of Gmail will be upgraded to Chat.

Hangouts will no longer be available in November 2022, the messaging client will go straight to the graveyard of Google. On that date the app will force migrate to Google Chat and the web version of Hangout will also redirect your users to the web version of Google Chat.

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