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“Halo Rise”: Amazon brings wake-up light with sleep tracking

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The device automatically analyzes the user’s movements and breathing rate to wake them up at the ideal time.


With “Halo Rise”, Amazon presented an alarm clock this Wednesday that is supposed to gently wake its user with light at the optimal time. In order to accomplish this, sensors are integrated into the device that not only record the temperature, humidity and brightness of the room, but also track the user’s sleep.

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To do this, the device continuously analyzes the movements of the sleeper and their breathing rate. Halo Rise is simply placed on the bedside table, a wearable or a separate sleeping mat is not necessary. According to Amazon, the results are still as precise as a study carried out in a sleep laboratory. By recording the individual sleep phases, Halo Rise should be able to wake the user up with light (300 lux) at the optimal time. A connected Echo device can also be used to play wake-up music.

According to the manufacturer, Halo Rise only records who is right next to the device. A second person would therefore affect the results just as little as a pet. Likewise, the tracking does not start when you are simply lying in bed – for example to read a book.

Users also have the option to use Halo Rise as part of a personalized Alexa Routine. For example, when they go to bed, Alexa can automatically dim the bedroom lights, turn off the TV, and start a relaxing meditation. You can also ask Alexa to get sleep data on the Echo Show, with the last night’s sleep report appearing on the device’s display.

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According to Amazon, all data transmitted in and out of the cloud is encrypted. All sensors should be deactivated and the recorded data should be deleted by the user.

Halo Rise is expected to cost around $140 and will hit the US market by the end of the year. It is not yet known if and when the device will be launched on the German market.

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