Hacking your mobile is easier than ever: no virus is needed anymore

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The security of our phones is increasingly in question. There is not a week in which a malware or virus does not appear with the aim of infecting your Android or iOS smartphone. It is clear that security has become an increasingly important element. And the reason is as simple as that cyber attackers do not stop finding new ways to gain access to our equipment. And now, as reported by MovilZona, a new way to hack your mobile phone has been found, and without the need to install any virus. Hack a mobile remotely and without viruses? Yes, it’s possible The information published by Movilzona colleagues echoes a NordVPN report, in which a new system has been discovered that allows a phone to be hacked through electromagnetic signals. As a study by Chinese and German researchers from Zhejiang University and Darmstadt Technical University, respectively, has revealed, it is a completely new method and is known as GhostTouch. And its operation is terrifying: through electromagnetic signals, they are able to simulate gestures on the mobile that they want to hack, emulating a finger going across the screen, double tapping and more. With this, a device can be controlled remotely. It is true that today this system has several limitations, simply because a device is needed at a maximum distance of 40 mm from the device to be hacked. Also, if the user is looking at the screen and detects phantom keystrokes, he will act immediately to avoid greater evils. But it is a first step for a new technology that will allow you to control any equipment from a distance, and without the user knowing it. Yes, today it is 40 mm, but as technology advances, the system can be improved so that it can really be done at a safe distance. And we can assume not a few malicious applications. Simply, by installing a camera with this future sensor in an office of a bank, when the workers leave the phone on the table, the camera will record the keystrokes to unlock it. Once the attacker has the password, it will only be a matter of waiting for them to leave the phone unattended for a few minutes, the time necessary to install malware that makes it easier to control the computer… Will this method take time to arrive? Surely yes, but when it does we will have to be more careful than ever with our computer equipment, phones or tablets. >

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