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Hacker competition online for everyone: Online European Cyber ​​Security Challenge

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The 7th European Championship for “Young Hackers” ECSC 2022 will take place in Vienna next week. At the same time there is the first onlineECSC for everyone.


Germany is trying to defend the European championship title for IT security talents aged 14~25 next week in Vienna. The venue is the seventh European cyber ​​Security Challenge 2022 (ECSC) from Tuesday to Friday. The onlineECSC is part of the competition for the first time. Anyone, regardless of where or what age, can use it to prove their hacking skills online. The online competition will take place on September 15th.

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Registration for the onlineECSC is free of charge until the morning of September 15th. Both individuals and teams of two to five members can take part in the security competition held as Jeopardy Capture the Flag. If you want to join a team, you should look around on the relevant Discord server.

The onlineECSC will result in an individual rating, a team rating and a nation rating calculated from the individual ratings. Completing the three preliminary rounds that have already been played is not a prerequisite for participation. The registration elected however access to the tasks of the preliminary rounds. The participants can also now prepare specifically for this.

Registrations are not planned for the European Championship ECSC 2022, which will be held in Vienna. Teams of ten were nominated by organizations from 29 European countries based on performance in national competitions. The German team was selected by the IT security association, which also organizes the Cyber ​​Security Challenge Germany (CSCG).

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The association Cyber ​​Security Austria, organizer of the Austrian Cyber ​​Security Challenge (ACSC), which is only open to Austrian citizens, set up the Austrian team. One delegation each from Cybersecurity Liechtenstein and Swiss Cyber ​​Storm comes from Austria’s western neighbors, and so on.

Four non-European participants are also participating by special invitation: Israel, Canada, the USA and the United Arab Emirates. Each ESCS team must have five participants aged 14 to 20 and five participants aged 21 to 25. The decisive factor is the age as of December 31, 2022.

This means that a total of 330 young talents will be taking part in the tournament in Vienna next week. The more tasks you solve, the more points you get. Only in the event of a tie does the pace decide. The previous winners are Spain (2016, 2017), Germany (2018, 2021), Austria (2015) and Romania (2019).

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