Guilty Apple: It will pay $50 million for MacBooks with butterfly keyboards


Apple will have to pay $50 million to compensate consumers who have complained about malfunctions in the MacBook keyboards with butterfly keys. The final decision was made by District Judge Edward Davila of San Jose (California) who definitively rejected the challenges to the class action requests filed in the country, defining the agreement “fair, adequate and reasonable” as reported by Reuters.

These are the devices with the butterfly keys not working properly:

  • MacBooks 2015-2017
  • MacBook Pro 2016-2019
  • MacBook Air 2018-2019

Apple had introduced a keyboard with a butterfly mechanism on MacBooks which was later developed proved to be defective as it collected dust easily and the keys stuck or did not allow typing correctly. Despite the apologies and the promise to repair devices for free not working, Apple had to face multiple class action suits in court and decided to replace the defective mechanism with a refurbished scissor mechanism.

The plaintiffs (86,000 people in all) will receive between 50 and 395 dollars as a form of compensation for the costs incurred for the repair. The judge then added that “although not all those allegedly harmed will receive compensation, the settlement benefits a significant number of individuals“.

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