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GTA VI: alleged leaks show part of the game’s gigantic map

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Fans certainly can’t wait any longer for the official reveal of the new GTA and its release date, but until that happens, we have to content ourselves with rumors and leaks.

Speaking of leaks, after the flood of information revealed last year, new images seem to have started to circulate on the internet, giving us a preview of the gigantic game map.

A screenshot shared by Reddit user pstuddy shows a supposed character from the upcoming GTA VI. The character appears to be in some kind of factory yard. And while we know the game will feature a female protagonist, it suggests there could be other playable characters as well. Yes, just like Grand Theft Auto V.

Photo: reproduction
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The second screenshot, shared by the same user, shows the map part. Considering the fact that the image resolution is very low, it is difficult to get details from the map. But, as one Redditor speculated, the leaked part of the GTA VI map could be based on Sebring Raceway.

Photo: reproduction

Furthermore, the leaked part of the map also appears to have factories, roads, and residences. And most importantly, this appears to be a rural area. The leaker didn’t provide or reveal any further information about the leaked screenshots, but these two images certainly made fans even more anxious.

As always, it’s good to remember that this is all just a rumour, but Do you think this could actually be a piece of the GTA VI map?

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