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“GTA 6”: Take-Two takes action against leaked videos

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“GTA” publisher Take-Two has leaked videos removed from the web that show gameplay from “GTA 6”. There is no comment yet.


The publisher behind Rockstar Games’ “GTA” games is taking action against leaked material from “GTA 6”. Gaming journalist Tom Henderson posted a screenshot on Twitter documenting multiple DMCA takedowns by Take-Two Interactive against YouTube videos with “GTA 6” clips. Many other videos showing the leaked material are still online.

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The gameplay scenes from “GTA 6” were put online by the hacker “teapotuberhacker” over the weekend. They show an unfinished version of the upcoming Rockstar game. The authenticity of the videos and screenshots has now been confirmed by Bloomberg editor Jason Schreier. There were no real doubts anyway: The videos not only bear the technical, but also the content-related signature of Rockstar Games.


A forum post in the unofficial “GTA” forums of the website gtaforums.com, in which the hacker had linked the files, has now also been edited at the request of Take-Two Interactive: the links have been removed from the posts.

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It is noteworthy that Take-Two and Rockstar have not yet commented on the leak. The company had confirmed work on “GTA 6” but had not yet officially announced the game. Rockstar had not yet shown gameplay scenes either. The fact that millions of players are now seeing unfinished internal material should be extremely annoying for the studio.

There are also possible safety concerns. The files are said to come from the Rockstar team’s Slack server. Meanwhile, the unknown hacker is apparently trying to monetize his captured data treasure: He wants to sell allegedly captured source code from “GTA 5” “for a five-digit amount”. According to his own statements, he is also trying to “negotiate a deal with Rockstar” – it should also be about money. The hacker claims to have also captured source code from “GTA 6”.

According to a Bloomberg report, Rockstar Games has changed its way of working for “GTA 6”: Many temporary workers have been given permanent jobs, and additional benefits have been introduced for the mental health of employees. In addition, several executives whose behavior was objected to by employees are said to have been fired. The pay gap between men and women is said to have been reduced.

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