GTA 6: alleged voice actor of the protagonist indicates that the announcement will happen soon

GTA 6: alleged voice actor of the protagonist indicates that the announcement will happen soon
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One of the most anticipated announcements by the video game industry is that of GTA 6, which despite having already gone through numerous leaks, still does not have a release date.

This week, speculation around the game has increased thanks to Bryan Zampella, the actor who is supposed to voice the protagonist Jason.

During a livestream on Instagram, actor Bryan Zampella (this time wearing a Hawaiian shirt reminiscent of Vice City protagonist Tommy Vercetti and wielding a baseball bat) chatted with former Rockstar developer Joseph L. Ruby.

Throughout said chat, Zampella cited all sorts of references to things like Florida and Miami (locations previously linked to the new GTA), nights out at nightclubs, the various “missions” he’s been on that he can be more specific about. their adventures “in the coming weeks”.

Voice actor of the protagonist of GTA 6, Jason indicated his role during a live on Instagram with a director of photography from Rockstar Games, talking about an unannounced project, meeting Keanu Reeves (voice actor of Cyberpunk 2077) in Miami, stealing cars and fulfilling a mission .

Zampella’s comments, combined with some of the wildest theories in the community, have us thinking we might be getting some news in the coming weeks.

Recently, information from Rockstar indicated that the release may have been delayed to fiscal 2025 (between April 2024 and March 2025), which means that if the announcement happens soon, Rockstar will make a disclosure of about a year for the game before its release.

As always, we must wait for the special information, but it is undeniable that expectations continue to rise.

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