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Group calls with strangers are more intuitive on Whatsapp beta

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Hours full of news for those who use WhatsApp beta. Shortly after changes to the built-in camera on iOS, on the counterpart for Android a new interface for group voice calls arrives at its debut. The always careful of wabetainfo.comwho have unearthed the new graphics within the “experimental” application for Android smartphones.

The introduction simplifies the experience of group calling through the visualization of a sound wave inside the boxes of the participants. So a glance is enough to understand who is talking at that moment, and if it may not be too important a news in case the call was between friends, it is enough when one is among strangers – let’s imagine a meeting – and tracing the voice back to the name is an almost impossible operation.

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The principle, trivially, is the same introduced a few months ago in the voice messages, where the circular icon expands and contracts to the rhythm of the voice so as to give the user the feedback of what the microphone captures (assuming he is capturing something) . In the novelty at the debut on WhatsApp beta for Android, as can be seen from the screenshots, there is instead a sound wave, flat when a participant is silent, animated otherwise. At the same time, colleagues let them know, the possibility of setting one is also being tested background for voice calls, but not to personalize it.

At the moment the sound wave for group calls results in rollout for some users of the beta strand on Android, but it is expected that the distribution will begin shortly also on the iOS side. Should the test provide positive feedback to developers, it will also arrive on the related stable WhatsApp apps. No info on timing.

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