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Graphics card demo: AMD shows Radeon RX 7000 with Ryzen 9 7950X in action

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AMD boss Lisa Su insisted on showing a first, short demo of an RDNA3 graphics card. The show is still scheduled for this year.


For the first time, AMD’s boss Lisa Su gave a little insight into the upcoming graphics card generation Radeon RX 7000. At the end of the Ryzen 7000 announcement, Su unpacked a demo in which a Ryzen 9 7950X rendered a scene from the action game “Lies of P” together with an RX 7000 graphics card.

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In this context, AMD showed a partial view of an unspecified RX-7000 model – companies usually use their upper-class models for such occasions. The design with three large axial fans is reminiscent of previous Radeon graphics cards, such as the Radeon RX 6950 XT. It is possible that the coolers will only be a little thicker with the next generation, which would match the rumored higher power consumption of the top models.

AMD demo with Radeon RX 7000

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(Source: AMD)

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Su did not reveal many details about the presentation. She again emphasized that the first graphics cards from the Radeon RX 7000 series should appear by the end of the year and that their energy efficiency will increase by at least 50 percent compared to their predecessors. To do this, the 7000 models use 5-nanometer technology from the chip application manufacturer TSMC, just like the Ryzen 7000 CPUs – at least in part, because RDNA3 is also designed for a structure with several chiplets. The performance of the pre-series models is “absolutely wonderful”,

The website Angtronomics recently compiled some specifications of three different GPUs with RDNA3 architecture. Accordingly, Navi 31 and Navi 32 should consist of two different graphics chiplet dies (GCDs) and several memory chiplet dies (MCDs). TSMC will probably manufacture the GCDs using the N5 process, the MCDs with 6 nm structures (N6). The latter should each accommodate 16 MB SRAM cache and a 64-bit memory controller.

In the case of the next RX-7000 top model, speculation is going in the direction of GCD with 12,288 shader cores and six MCDs with a total of 96 MB Infinity Cache and a 384-bit wide memory interface. In addition, AMD is said to be experimenting with stacked cache dies and a model with two GCDs – at least one graphics card with up to 192 MB Infinity Cache does not seem unreasonable.

Alleged specifications AMD Radeon RX 7000 (Source: Angtronomics)
GPU Navi 31 GPS 32 GPS 33
codename plum bonito Wheat Nas Hotpink Bonefish
production 5 + 6 nm 5 + 6 nm 6nm
Construction 1 × GCD (308 mm²), 6 × MCD (each 38 mm²) 1 × GCD (200 mm²), 4 × MCD (each 38 mm²) monolithic (203 mm²)
Compute Units / Shader Cores 96 / 12,288 60 / 7680 32 / 4096
Storage GDDR6, 384 bits GDDR6, 256 bits GDDR6, 128 bits
Infinity cache 96 MB 64 MB 32 MB

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