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Government is preparing project to regulate social networks, says minister

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The Minister of Justice, Flávio Dino, said that the Federal Government is preparing a bill on the regulation of social networks. The text should be presented to President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and delivered to the National Congress next week.

In addition, the minister also said that the text will be based on a study carried out by Minister Alexandre de Moraes, of the Federal Supreme Court.

We are concluding the debate between the Ministry of Justice and Secom, and this project already has its general lines defined. There is a unit in the government team and, next week, it will be handed over to President Lula so that, if he nominates it, it can be forwarded to the Chamber.

According to the minister, the main focus of the project is the fight against crimes, the protection of freedoms and the guarantee that the internet is not a “lawless land”.

Image/reproduction: Flávio Dino. Tânia Rêgo/Agência Brasil.
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Dino also said during the event “Freedom of Expression, Social Networks and Democracy” that digital platforms need to be responsible in cases of possible infringements.

We already have a bill in progress there, under the rapporteurship of Deputy Orlando [Silva] and our initial idea is that the content is used to qualify, and we have modern, adequate legislation that protects freedoms and guarantees, at the same time, that the internet is not a war. That there is duty and care on the part of companies, and there is a system of responsibility, in the case of committing crimes through these platforms.

The minister also made it clear that there is no problem with the content and that the project is not about controlling what is shown by the media.

We are specifically addressing this situation for platforms that are providers of third-party content. There is no sense of content control.

During the event, Dino also recalled that Europe has become a “labyrinth of hate” in the last ten years, something that resulted in the invasion of the buildings of the three powers.

So, in the face of crimes, it is not a possibility, it is an obligation for everyone, including companies, to ensure that crimes such as pedophilia and terrorism cannot pass as easily as they do today through these platforms.

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