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GoPro Volta, an accessory that triples the battery of the HERO 10

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The GoPro company has announced an accessory for its hero 10 cameras that makes this the definitive option that you should buy if you are one of those who are looking to record in all kinds of situations and, most importantly, without restrictions. We talk about GoPro Voltaa product that can be considered a three in one.

What we say is due to the fact that there are three functions included in the device we are talking about: a tripod that functions as a handle when closed; external battery that increases the autonomy of the camera; and, in addition, it also works as a remote control. In other words, the utility it has is excellent and, therefore, it is something that sooner or later you will end up buying if you have a GoPro. HERO10.

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Of the options mentioned above, the one that stands out above the rest is the inclusion of a battery of 4,900mAh which, according to the manufacturer itself, triples the autonomy of the camera. And we are not talking about when it is at rest, no, this is the case when it is used recording at nothing less than 5K quality. By the way, this product includes a port usb type c to recharge – something that is completed from zero to 60% in just one hour – or connect any other device that is lacking energy

The rest of the GoPro Volta features

The second most important, in our opinion, is that if you want to take photos or record remotely, this is an accessory that allows you to do so very effectively. To achieve this, use communication. Bluetooth, what is life insurance as far as reliability is concerned. A button is included in the handle to take advantage of this possibility at a distance that can reach 30 meters… And, this allows you to be innovative with the use you give to the sports camera.


Finally, the handle, which makes it possible to mount the GoPro HERO 10 camera without problems, is very useful when recording on the move. Also, if you open it has two additional legs that allows to safely place the assembly to obtain much more stable results. Apart from what is indicated, it must be said that the accessory has a thread to place it on a traditional recording equipment. Therefore, the launch of this product is a success.

accessory price

As the manufacturer itself has communicated and can be seen on its website, what you have to pay is only €129.99 to get the device, which is not bad at all. It is important to mention that GoPro Volta is also compatible with the HERO 9 Black camera, and the truth is that it is one of those purchases that are unmissable if you regularly use any of the products that can be used with this multifunction tripod.

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