GoPro prepares a new camera that will surprise for being very small

GoPro prepares a new camera that will surprise for being very small
gopro prepares a new camera that will surprise for being

The company GoPro, which is the top reference in the sports camera market, is close to announcing a new model that will be quite a surprise. And not so much because of the functions that it will offer or the quality of its recordings, but because of the form factor that it has and that makes one look back at the firm’s product range.

The device we are talking about is the Hero 11 Black Mini, and it may mean that the long-awaited Hero Black 11 won’t be official until next year. And what is special about the device from which some images have been leaked? Well, everything indicates that it will be a Session-type model, which are the smallest on offer and, it is true, it does not currently have a very large market share.

So much so, that the last device of this type that GoPro launched on the market was no less than in 2016. Since then, the firm had not tried to put a device of this type on the market. Something that, if confirmed, will be cut short with the new model that everything indicates will be official before the end of this 2022.

What is expected in the new GoPro that is being prepared

One of the things that is very clear is that it will not have any screen, neither rear nor front. Its sensor will occupy almost the entirety of its housing, but not all of it with the latest equipment of this type that GoPro launched. In addition, it will include a link button Bluetoothso it is very possible that it does not include WiFi, so the download of the videos will have to be done via cable or using memory cards micro SD that will use this product to save the recordings.

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On the other hand, in the lower area there is a system of mooring that will allow you to place it in many positions and places. This one, which has a pair of “fingers” with an adjustment by a screw system, aims to be very cash and it will not increase the dimensions of the device much, since some hinges so that this element does not bother in the event that it is not necessary to use it.

What is known about its characteristics

It is the least known of the device, but some data is shown in the source of the information. An example is that the sensor to be included will have a resolution 5.3K at 60FPS (it will go down to 4K in the case of using 120 FPS). This will be possible because the resolution of the component will be 27MP to take photos and 24.7 in the case of recordings. In other words, the quality of the results will be beyond any doubt.

Beyond waiting for this Hero 11 Black Mini to go on sale before the end of 2022, there is no data regarding the price. But, the logical thing is that it is not especially cheap, since the company we are talking about spends invoice for having their products… something logical, because they have a very good quality.