GoPro Hero 11 Black, analysis: the usual flavor and a sensor that feels like never before

If you get carried away by appearances, the GoPro Hero 11 Black will go unnoticed compared to the previous generation. And the one before this one. Because quoting ‘The Little Prince’, The essential is invisible to the eyes and here it is fulfilled. The main novelty of the latest iteration of the most popular action camera that exists is not seen but felt: A massive 1/1.9-inch sensor, the largest ever mounted on a GoPro. We have tested the GoPro Hero 11 Black and this has been our experience.

GoPro Hero 11 Black data sheet



71.8 × 33.6 × 50.8mm; 154g


sensor with an 8:7 aspect ratio and a size of 1/1.9 inches




Burst, Night Photo, SuperPhoto, RAW Photo, Loop Recording, Time Lapse, Time Lapse Photography, Slow Motion, TimeWarp Video




Rear: 2.27-inch touch LCD
Front: 1.4-inch LCD


1,720 mAh removable. Includes 1 Enduro rechargeable battery


MicroSD (Class 10 or UHS-I minimum)


Design: Hello, GoPro Hero 9 Black

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Fortunately, on the side of the camera it has its name silkscreened, because otherwise it would be terribly difficult to differentiate it from its predecessor. And that aesthetically there are no novelties is not a novelty either, in fact it sounds like déjà vu. This is what we said in this same section of the analysis of the Hero 10 Black:

The format and arrangement of all the elements has remained unchanged from one generation to another. The lens, the buttons, the rear screen, the front screen, the battery compartment, the micro D and the charging port… come on, even the tabs to attach the accessories. Everything is in the same place.”

Moreover, in the previous generation the hydrophobic cover for the lens arrived and in the Hero 11 Black this feature It is maintained for the utility that this entails: by repelling water, it prevents it from sticking to the slow motion, spoiling our recordings.


But this commitment to continuity does not have to be bad: on the one hand, the accessories from previous generations are still compatible, so you can reuse them, and on the other, it is still a incredibly comfortable, robust and manageable camera in hand.

But this commitment to continuity does not have to be bad: it is still an incredibly comfortable, robust and manageable camera in hand.

And the hand is key: you can carry and manipulate it with only oneeven though it is small. Its only two buttons have the size, hardness and layout such that they will not add complications to handling, which are reduced to a minimum of effort if you simply want to record (press the top button even with the camera turned off). The rest of the handling falls on its rear touch screen.

What to change from a design that already works, is robust and easy to use? Well, perhaps, to make it lighter. But for those who want something lighter GoPro already has another ace up its sleeve: the Hero 11 Black Miniwhich shares a processor and sensor with its older sister.




The Hero 11 Black maintains the chip of its predecessor, GP2, and yes, the feeling is to be a little immersed in the Spiderman meme. In any case, this chipset provides a fairly smooth user experience.

A) Yes, navigating through the menus alternating between the different options and settings is agile. It’s not as fast as a high-end phone experience in its photo interface, but its software is robust, stable, and stutter-free.

The feeling is to be a little immersed in the Spiderman meme

The experience offered by the touch screen is generally good, especially when changing modes. Of course, considering its small size, it requires some skill and touch pressure for things like changing settings, for example the lens, resolutions and fps.

The interface is an old acquaintance among GoPro users – from Hero 7 onwards, specifically – but if it’s your first time, don’t worry: it won’t take long to get used to it, since its menus are well laid out and clear so you can choose the configuration that suits you best.

And if you want the simplified experience of the GoPro Hero 11 Mini, you can always press the button with the red outline even with the camera turned off so that it starts recording without further complications or in Preferences activate the Easy Mode, where you will only have to choose between the maximum quality or battery life, leaving the camera the rest. Of course, if you bet on the Hero 11 Black to dry, better take advantage of the benefits that its screen offers when handling it to experiment on the go.


Sequence, Photo and Video modes

Here yes, the changes starring the strong point of this generation arrive: a new sensor with an 8:7 aspect ratio and a size of 1/1.9 inches and the doors that it opens. Thus, with an action camera you can choose qualities from 1080p to 5.3K@60fps and captures images with 10-bit color depth.

There are no big big changes in resolutions, but there are improvements in quality and it opens up some very interesting possibilities. For example, for use the videos you record on social networks, something that will be especially interesting for content creators (in which case, there is also a Creators Edition pack (779 euros)). Thus, you will have to record in “full frame” and export the video, but if, like me, the one you have is an old 5V/1A iPhone (it is what it has that adapters are no longer included), the time will be slightly higher than the three hours. Of course, with a charging accessory you can benefit from its fast charge and have it ready in about an hour.

In “must” something that was already present in the previous generation: the need to improve heat dissipation. It is worrying how hot this camera can get in times of prolonged use or even while charging it.

GoPro Hero 11 Black, Xataka’s opinion


That everything changes so that everything remains the same. We start this review with a quote and end with another, this time from ‘El gatopardo’. GoPros are the most popular action cameras on the market and this places them in a privileged position: they are by inertia the first option of those who want to try this segment and have the adherence of users who have already tried one.

But we are not all influencers or Kílian Jornet. For the rest, the feeling is that a GoPro Hero 10 or even the GoPro Hero 9 could be great options.

In this situation changes cost. Why make a mess when you’re winning the game? Although aesthetically you may feel a certain disappointment (same design, same* dimensions, same weight) there is no harm in the world: GoPros are a well-made product, resistant and easy to use. Hitting the key is not easy. And if you want something different inside the house, GoPro’s bet is to diversify the market with the Hero 11 Black Mini, a pocket twister that bets on simplicity.

changes, if any, there are themalthough perhaps not enough for the general public. This new sensor raises the options and raises the quality, which will delight the most demanding and intensive users, for example content creators with a dynamic profile or athletes who are enthusiastic about their exploits and technology. For them, this iteration will come in handy. With the Hero 11 Black, the Go Pro will probably stay ahead of the game.

But not all of us influencers nor Kilian Jornet. For the rest, the feeling is that a GoPro Hero 10 (449 euros) or even the GoPro Hero 9 (349 euros) can be great options that satisfy us in the mission of recording our adventures down the Sella or up the Mesa de los Tres Kings saving us a good pinch.

The device has been released for testing by GoPro. Can inquire our policy of relationships with enterprises

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