Google’s Pixel 7a discounted and with a gift, the MediaMarkt bargain that will sell out

google pixel 7a, under the sun the refresh rate immediately
google pixel 7a, under the sun the refresh rate immediately

For the purchase of a Google Pixel 7a, the store is giving away the Pixel Buds A, one of the brand’s wireless headphones.


It is no secret that Google’s mid-range is the best on the market, when we talk about updates and photographic quality. The Google Pixel 7a has little competition in this regard, and it is one of the best things you can buy in Spain for just over 500 euros.

However, there are times when this purchase is even more worth it, and now that MediaMarkt is giving away Google Pixel Buds A headphones with the purchase of the device, it is not possible to do anything other than recommend it, especially if you are looking for a mobile with good camera.

This is a great offer that is available for both this mobile phone and the new Google devices, the Pixel 8 and the Pixel 8 Pro, so each person can opt for the device that best suits their needs. The Pixel 7a, for its part, is the best option if you are looking for great value for money.

Gift headphones

This smartphone is available at MediaMarkt for its original retail price of 509 euros, but with the advantage of getting the Google Pixel Buds A completely free. This device is quite compact for what is normally found on the market, with a screen that stays on 6.1 inches at Full HD+ resolution. It uses OLED technology, so it offers quite vivid colors and pure blacks, and its 90 Hz refresh rate allows all the content it displays to be viewed fluidly.

Inside it has the brand’s own processor, the Google Tensor G2, which is the same as the one the Google Pixel 7 has. It may not reach the power peaks of the best Qualcomm processors, but its artificial intelligence and processing capabilities They are undeniable. In addition, Google phones have many exclusive advantages.

The camera is one of its main strengths, since it offers very good results despite not having a high-end price. It has a 64 megapixel main sensor that performs very well even at night thanks to Google’s photo processing, and its secondary sensor is a 13 Mpx wide angle with which you can increase the viewing angle of a photo .

As for its battery, it has a capacity of 4,385 mAh, with 20 W fast charging and compatibility with Qi wireless charging, which is great news for lovers of this type of charging. The Google Pixel Buds A, being also manufactured by Google, can boast fast and stable compatibility with mobile phones. This is a model that has features such as noise cancellation for calls or quick gestures, but does not have active noise cancellation for listening to music or streaming content, for example. Even so, these are good headphones that also have a battery in each earbud capable of lasting 5 hours uninterruptedly.

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