Google’s new tool is used to fix problems with Pixels: this is the secret code to access it

googles new tool is used to fix problems with pixels.webp.webp.webp
googles new tool is used to fix problems with pixels.webp.webp.webp

When problems reach our smartphone, it is easy to despair. And it is that repair a mobile It is not an easy task, not even for anyone, no matter how much the European Union insist on the right to reparation. Although, if things are done well – as they are the case of Nokia– Yes, it is interesting that users can restore their devices.

Google followed this story, providing us with a step-by-step guide to repairing Pixels. But it is not the only thing it is doing in this sense, because as we read in Android Authority, it has launched a new diagnostic app to determine the problems on your smartphones. We tell you how it works and what the code is to use it.

Diagnostic application for Pixels

To continue on the path it took by allying itself with iFixIt, Google is deploying a new app for their phones, the Google Pixel. However, it will not appear in the app drawer, not as a quick access, or even as a widget.

Pixel App Diagnostic

These are the tests that the new Google tool brings together. Screenshots from Android Authority

In order to access this tool, we must use the ‘Phone’ app, entering a secret code like many others available on Android. Upon entering it, the screen of this app will instantly open, which allows us check the problems that you have our device before and after repairs.

Whether we fix it ourselves, or send it to technical service, the app provides us with various tests with which to determine the correct functioning of the mobile. Now yes, the code What we must enter in the marker is the following:


Once this is done, as we say, we will be presented with the ‘Pixel Diagnostics’ app. She herself will warn us that we need to have a stable WiFi connection, if not, it will be better to leave it for another time. From Apps ProBox we have tried to test the tool, but currently it is impossible to access it from outside the United States (even using a VPN).

It seems, however, that it will reach other regions due to the message that Google leaves us:

The Diagnostics Tool is only designed for use in the United States at this time.

Now, when we can use it, we will find a screen where we will be presented with different tests to determine problems. In relation to the screen, it will check if there are physical damage or defects to the panel. Likewise, it gives us tools to check for defects in the rear glass and even in the camera.

The same happens with other elements of our Pixels that are very important and sometimes go unnoticed: the sensors. In the attached screenshots you can also see a connectivity testing (WiFi, mobile data, etc.), and audio. Whatever we enter, the mobile will give us a series of instructions and steps while the tool checks the components.

Officially, Google states that the ‘Pixel Diagnostics’ app It is available for all Pixels in the US, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and the European countries where their mobile phones are distributed. However, as we have said previously, at the moment it is not accessible from Spain.

Taking advantage of the occasion, the Mountain View firm already provides repair manuals in English (until now they were only available in French) to facilitate instructions for users. we hope that extend this trend deploying the new tool in Spanish-speaking countries, as well as the manuals in perfect Spanish.

Via | Android Authority

Cover image | Google

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