Google’s new AI has not arrived in Spain but this way you can have it

googles new ai has not arrived in spain but this.jpg
googles new ai has not arrived in spain but this.jpg

Google Gemini

Gemini is Google’s new virtual assistant. An artificial intelligence model that seeks to compete with other fashionable ones, such as ChatGPT or Bing. It is an assistant that will soon arrive on all devices with the Android operating system in Spain but now you can try it by using the application and downloading it to your mobile.

It is an artificial intelligence model developed by Google and that seeks to compete with the rest of the models on the market. It has been completely designed by Google and is better than other AIs that Mountain View has recently launched on the market, such as Bard. A system that will replace the classic Google Assistant and that offers all kinds of advantages.

What is Gemini and how does it work?

With the arrival of Artificial Intelligence into our lives, many large companies choose to develop this technology to be at the head of the race for novelty.

In this case, it is Google that is betting heavily on this technology by launching Gemini, its virtual assistant with AI. Unlike more conventional AI models, Gimini It’s not just an app or a chatbotbut is designed to understand and process different types of information, from text to images and programming code, for example.

Thanks to intensive learning, with a large amount of data collected from the Internet, Gemini has been able to learn to understand human language and generate natural and more precise responses. Additionally, Gemini runs on a new code generation system called AlphaCode2, which improves its ability to understand complex mathematics.

Introducing Google Gemini AI

Beyond its operation, this Google AI has three different versions among which we can find the Ultra, Pro and Nano versions. The Ultra being the most advanced version, while the Nano is designed for devices with less capacity so that it works without the need for a connection to an external server.

How to use

Gemini is not yet available on Android mobile phones but we can use it by downloading an application on our mobile phone. At the moment we cannot use it officially but we can use it by downloading the application in .apk format and activating unknown sources from the mobile phone. Once we do this, we will have access to the application and the assistant and all the functions it offers us.

Once the application is downloaded, we can use it with a voice assistant or through the corresponding button on our mobile phone if we have one.

Gemini’s arrival in Europe

According to Jack Krawczyk, product lead for Gemini at Google, the launch of application in Europe is imminent, with plans to make it available as soon as possible. This move comes shortly after the launch of Gemini in other regions such as LATAM, Africa, Asia and Canada.

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Jack Krawczyk


Ok – Gemini day 2 recap: things people like, things we gotta fix. Keep your feedback coming. We’re reading it all.

– Writing style
– Creativity for helping you find the right words/ideas
– Speed ​​of responses
– Not hitting usage caps

February 12, 2024 • 12:02



It is clear that, for users waiting for the arrival of Gemini, the wait is getting shorter and shorter. With the promise of a revolutionary digital experience, Gemini is set to become one of the most used tools for users across Europe.

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