Google’s authentic ChatGPT breaks borders: Gemini Pro is now in Spain

It hasn’t taken as long as we expected, Google usually stretches out time when it comes to important releases. Because yes, we can now enjoy Gemini Pro on Google Bard, the assistant finally competes head to head against ChatGPT. And you only need to go to the browser to try it.

We are in a race to see who can achieve the most natural and powerful language model possible, to discover how each version of the models It is evolving to amaze with the power of AI. And OpenAI was able to see, like no other company, the full potential of its language models applied to a personal assistant for the user: ChatGPT has been fighting for more than a year. It took a while to get on board, but Google is willing to stand up.

The improved Gemini pro model is now integrated into Google Bard

Google Bard Gemini Pro Spanish

Google Bard updated with Gemini Pro

When Google presented Gemini, its most powerful and updated model, it divided it into three levels so that it could adapt its behavior and potential according to the needs of each project. Gemini Nano is the most contained of the three, a model that can work without leaving the device that runs it; hence it is found in the Pixel 8 Pro. Gemini Ultra, the most versatile and powerful of the three, is aimed at projects that demand high generation capacity. Then there is Gemini Pro.

Gemini Pro is a language model specialized in human interaction and understanding that makes a notable leap in capabilities over Google Bard’s previous model, LaMDA. Gemini Pro would be on par with the GPT-3.5 language modelthe one that uses ChatGPT (not the Plus version, this one has access to the most capable GPT-4). With these premises, the aforementioned Gemini Pro is now available beyond the United States.

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With the arrival of the new language model to countries like Spain we will no longer have to do tricks to gain access to the improved language, not even speak in English: Gemini Pro has communication in Spanish enabled. It offers elaborate responses based on requests, can compose texts in any style, is capable of creating programming code or analyzing images to describe what they represent. On paper it is a major evolutionary leap with respect to the previous Google Bard model.

To try the new Google Bard with Gemini Pro you just have to point to Google Bard page, whether it is from a desktop or mobile web browser. Do you want to have it on your phone desktop? Save it as a shortcut in order to have a faster way to make your queries.

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