Google’s AI is now an application: Gemini competes with ChatGPT with its own app

Have you ever used Google Bard from your mobile browser and wondered why the chatbot didn’t have an Android app? Well, it seems that Google also asked that question, because The app is now available for download. Of course: due to Bard’s name change, the application is called Gemini. It is free and for now it remains in the United States.

Google is making a huge change when it comes to interaction with its tools, Gemini has just arrived for everyone leaving aside the person once responsible for AI chats: Google Bard. With three language models fighting to compete against ChatGPT, Google users finally have a native application for our Androids. It promises a lot, we’ll see if it ends up delivering.

All the potential of the web in a simple application

Google Gemini App

It’s not that it was difficult to access Google Bard since it was enough to load the chatbot website in the web browser, but there is no doubt that With an app it is much easier to use it. So said and done: it took a while, but Gemini in application is now on Google Play.

Despite the name change, The Gemini application does the same thing that Google Bard did on the web until now: we can ask it to search for something in the search engine, to respond to a problem with logical reasoning, the chatbot offers extremely natural language, we can ask it for code and even images. The latter only in the United States, although there is a trick to achieve it.

The Gemini app offers a virtual assistant supported by the company’s Gemini Pro AI; either Gemini Ultra in the event that the user is a Gemini Advance subscriber (21.99 euros per month with two months of free trial). This first version is fully functional, does not include ads and is free.

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Do you want to have direct access to Google AI on your Android? At the moment the application can only be downloaded in the United States, but Google assures that it will extend its download to more countries soon.

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