Google’s AI in the Pixel 8: this is how well it generates wallpapers just by asking it

googles ai in the pixel 8 this is how well.webp.webp.webp
googles ai in the pixel 8 this is how well.webp.webp.webp

Google has finally introduced its Generative AI within the Pixel: the latest two models can create wallpapers on the fly thanks to a new update. With it, both the Google Pixel 8 and the Google Pixel 8 Pro They have access to AI generated wallpapers. And we have tried it.

With generative AI causing as much excitement as it does new features, it makes sense that Google, the company that started it all thanks to its tools and training models, wants to stay at the forefront. Gemini is your main stronghold in the field of personal use; with three different models where Gemini Pro, the intermediate one, can now be tested on Google Bard. The most compact, called Gemini Nano, is aimed at devices; with the Google Pixel 8 Pro as guinea pigs. While it arrives, there is a generative AI feature that is starting to be present.

Unique wallpapers on the Pixel 8 and generated with AI

Google previewed personalization functionality and this will reach the Pixel 8 with the second quarterly update. Although, since this update is circulating in its beta format, it can now be tested. We have it installed on our Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, it works quite well and opens the door to creating unique wallpapers in seconds and almost to taste.

The almost thing we highlighted should be clear, because the new wallpaper creator does not generate images with complete user instructions: The tool offers different predefined themes where we can alternate certain words that will give a new creation generated at the moment. The possibilities are very wide, although not unlimited; which undermines part of the true potential of generative AI.

The wallpaper creator has predefined commands, it doesn’t let us write a prompt from scratch. We can only change some words

As soon as you open the wallpapers application on a Pixel 8 or Pixel 8 Pro, with the latest quarterly update installed, the option to «AI created wallpaper» appears to the left of the “Emoji Workshop”, a tool that arrived with Android 14. When opening the AI ​​wallpapers we will have different themes to look forward to; which are predefined commands or prompts that allow you to alter different keywords.

We can move between the different topics and alternate the words in the order based on certain predefined characteristics. Google’s AI will compose the wallpapers, offering four alternatives; between which we can move by sliding our finger horizontally. It is also possible for the AI ​​to completely decide the order with the “Inspire me” option.


The wallpaper tool, still in testing, allows you to customize the Google Pixel background in an exclusive way: in principle, all wallpapers created with AI are unique and made on the spot. Of course, not on the device: Internet access is needed for AI to do its jobat the moment it does not take advantage of the benefits of Gemini Nano (despite the fact that, in principle, it is present in the Google Pixel 8 thanks to the AI ​​Core app, included in the system).

We miss an open generation, but, for now, the operation is attractive, it obtains high quality results and opens the door to unprecedented personalization in smartphones: It is no longer necessary to search for wallpapers to find originalsthe Google Pixel 8 are capable of doing them themselves.

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