Google works on the creation of a tool capable of generating programming code without human intervention


When it comes to programming languages, the code is what allows a web page or application to execute a certain action, which, if simple, will not require much more than finding a tool that allows us to drag and drop elements, organize them around to a concept and that’s it.

However, for more complex projects that require more in-depth programming, it is necessary to draw on the knowledge of someone experienced in the field so that they can write the code that meets the expectations of the user or client.

However, it seems that soon the presence of someone to write code will not be necessary, since Google is working on the development of AI Developer Assistancea tool that would have the ability to generate code on its own.

It is worth mentioning that this Google project is currently in an initial phase, although the company is determined to bring it to completion so that they can then continue creating artificial intelligence ecosystems and provide them with features that allow them to create themselves.

Furthermore, Google’s top executives are said to have welcomed the proposal.

Although AI Developer Assistance arose within the Alphabet Research Unit known as X, this would later emigrate to google labs to continue its development.

Regarding its operation, this tool works teaching code to write and rewrite itself through learning obtained from different styles of programming language.

Originally, Google’s intention with this project was to create a platform that had the ability to update the python code base automatically at the time a new version was released, and thus avoid resorting to hiring engineers.

So far it is not known if this tool will be available to the general public or if it will only be for the exclusive use of Google.

Regardless of the target audience, in the end AI Developer Assistance must comply with all legal and ethical aspects established for this type of program.

Remember that there are already programs where Artificial Intelligence performs important tasks in the creation and documentation of automatic code.

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