Google will soon show a version of its search engine with chatbot functions

ChatGPT, the revolutionary OpenAI chatbot, continues to create buzz, even internally among the top managers of Alphabet, Google’s parent company, where alarm bells went off last December, to the point of involving the founders and top shareholders in decision-making together with the top leaders after three years of leaving their posts.

As we learned, Alphabet wants to take its time rather than hastily launch a chatbot search service to avoid damaging the company’s reputation if it fails to provide adequate answers, despite significant investments. the company has been carrying out Artificial Intelligence.

Let’s remember that Google is exploring various possibilities with AI through the use of chatbots.

Today, in addition to the new round of layoffs that will affect some 12,000 employees, Google has also announced that it will will focus on Artificial Intelligence as the top priority for the company.

As reported by The New York Times, Google already has a plan to “demonstrate a version of your search engine with chatbot functions this same year» also together with the presentation of 20 projects driven by artificial intelligence, according to the slides to which said medium has had access, which may be officially shown in the celebration of the next edition of its developer event, which will take place during the month of May.

for now It is not known what will be the date on which Google will demonstrate its search engine with chatbot functionsgiven that the company is beginning to speed up processes to not be left behind, making sure that the new service can “get correct data, guarantee security and get rid of erroneous information” as a priority, avoiding biases that could put people at risk. the company in trouble.

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Some of the new AI-powered products highlighted in the slideshow include an imaging studio that “creates and edits images,” a feature on YouTube that allows you to virtually try on clothes, a tool that generates a shorter version of the same video, and even a tool that allows third-party companies to create their own Artificial Intelligence applications.

We will get to know these and other AI-driven products in depth at the next Google I/O 2023, although there may be changes along the way regarding the presentation of projects at the aforementioned event.

More information: The New York Times