Google will roll a privacy feature from Android 11 to previous versions

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phone 1869510 1280.jpg

With Android 11 came a privacy-focused feature, which allows the operating system automatically restore permissions to installed applications that have not been used for several months, thus preventing them from accessing sensitive content on the devices.

Google wants to extend this feature to “billions more devices” around the world. For this, the company has proposed to also bring it to Android mobiles from version 6 onwards through Google Play services.

The implementation will begin to take place from next December to be completed during the first quarter of next year, according to a statement.

According to Google, the feature will “be automatically enabled on devices with Google Play services running Android 6.0 or higher”, although it warns that it will have to be manually enabled for applications that are not intended for Android 11.

Google also indicates the possibility that Applications may also request that this feature be disabled if they regularly work in the background without requiring user intervention..

We can think of meteorological alert applications or many others like that, which try to report specific situations without the need for user intervention to know the information.

What is clear is that, given the storage capacity with which mobile devices have been arriving, users are able to accumulate applications over time, leaving them in oblivion once they go out of style or do not need it, for What makes sense that this feature can also reach Android mobile models that are below Android 11.

In this way, those applications that can already be dispensed with, but which for whatever reason are stored under oblivion on the mobile device itself, will now cease to be a threat in the event that at the time they have been given access to the camera, internal storage and others, thus preventing it from sending sensitive information when it is no longer useful.

The interesting thing, as they say in Google, is that this extension will benefit Android mobiles launched from 2015 onwards.

It will already be a matter of deployment time so that users can enjoy some privacy benefits without having to abandon their current mobile models in favor of more modern ones.