Google will implement a new dynamic so you can install more apps on your Smart TV


If you’ve gotten tired of applying multiple tricks to free up space on your Android TV, or uninstalling apps to add new ones, you’ll be interested in learning about Google’s new proposal.

A proposal that plans the possibility that applications take up less space, and stop being a problem for the storage of your Android TV or Google TV. We tell you what it is about.

Google will fix the storage problem on Android TV and Google TV

Users intend to use the TV as if it were their mobile. So they install all their favorite apps on their Smart TV, but they forget that they don’t have the same storage capacity. And before long they are faced with the task of uninstalling some of the applications to install new ones.

However, this may no longer be a problem in the near future, as Google has the solution. As the Google team mentions, it proposes to replace the APK installation with the dynamic AAB format.

What does this mean? Google has already mentioned in the past the advantages of the Android App Bundles format. Unlike the APK installation, which installs the complete application package, AAB installs the essential elements for its operation on the device.

So the app packages are much smaller and faster. And also, this system has a bonus: it would not be necessary to uninstall the applications, since they can be archived. That is to say, if you no longer use a certain app as much, it will not be necessary to uninstall it to make space for another application, it simply “archives” it.

When you perform this action, the app is not completely uninstalled, but is left with the minimum elements so that you can use it again in the future by installing a small package to make it functional.

Due to the practicality of its dynamics, Google wants to make .abb mandatory on Google TV and Android TV. Of course, this won’t be automatic, as it will require developers to migrate an app from Android Package Kit (APK) to Android App Bundle (AAB).

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