Google weather widgets come to Android 12: this is how they look on desktops

Google Weather Widgets
google weather widgets come to android 12: this is how

Google is updating the widgets of most of its applications, both improving its design and adding new, as in the case of Google Maps. And from its own application: the new weather widgets are starting to be available. We have tested them.

With the rebirth of mobile widgets, and the biggest boost they are taking in Android 12, Google is in full swing of these very practical elements to know what happens to applications without opening them. Also with what happens abroad, which is one of the enormous advantages of weather widgets. Because, How practical is it to check temperature or cloud cover at a glance? Well, Google is distributing its new widgets with Material You.

Weather widgets with square or elliptical design

Google Weather Widgets

Material You with automatic personalization

With the jump to Android 12, which is close to seeing its final version once Google has distributed the source code, aesthetics are refined as automatic customization is introduced of the different elements that make up the interface. They are the keys to the new Material You design style, a style that will be progressively adopted by all of Google.

With the latest beta of the Google app, the expected weather widgets are now available. At the moment in Android 12, we have checked it in our Google Pixel 4a: there they are already selectable. They offer a unique style and adapt to the chosen wallpaper.

The list of widgets included in the Google app now amounts to four. With the two new additions, it is possible to know at a glance the current temperature at the location of the phone as well as the weather. In two different designs: icons on a square or on an ellipse projected diagonally.

Google Weather Widgets

Apart from the minimalist design, Material You offers automatic background customization of the widgets, which is referred to as “Material Theming” (automatic themes with Material design). These backgrounds vary their tonality when changing the wallpaper Phone: Google adapts the colors to the entire supported interface. First in the Pixels, but everything seems to indicate that the automatic customization of the theme will also reach the rest of the manufacturers.

We have tested the Google weather widgets on our Pixel 4a and they work as expected. Each occupies 3 x 3 space, cannot be resized, offer the current weather and the minimum and maximum temperature values. They are already available in the Google app in beta and as long as you have Android 12.



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