Google weather widgets are updated: now they offer more information and allow more sizes

google weather widgets are updated: now they offer more information

One of the improvements that have come with Android 12 are the new weather widgets. A new design that can nevertheless be tested with third-party applications and that are now updated by offering the multi-hour weather forecast with the ability to access more sizes.

The new widgets opt for the Material You design and allow you to check the weather forecast at a glance with elements such as temperature or cloud cover. The new widgets already had automatic customization based on the different elements that make up the interface and now they receive an update that makes them even more customizable.

Now more customizable


Now comes a widget with a size of 4×2 (rows and columns) that can be expanded up to 5×2 in order to increase the amount of information offered. Along with real-time elements such as temperature, the maximum and minimum forecast for the day appears below, along with the forecast for the next four hours on the side of the widget.

In case you need less space, we can get a simple little box in which only the current temperature, the maximum and the minimum forecast as well as the current location appear in the upper right.


The oval format is still present, which can now be expanded horizontally, offering large temperature information and a huge weather icon. This size is complementary to the classic 3 × 1.


These new widgets arrive with version 12.42 Beta of the Google application and to be able to use them it will be necessary to have a mobile phone that has Android 12 installed.


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