Google wants to warn you if sensitive information about you is published on the net

Google is rolling out a new feature to Android and the web. It makes it easy to find all the results that concern you and to request their deletion. Ideal for not leaving your address or phone number in plain sight.


Google wants to protect your privacy and stem the phenomenon of doxxing (revealing personal data with malicious intent). For this, the Mountain View firm has set up a new feature rolling out starting today.

Available on the Google Android app and on the web, this feature lets you to control your data published on the Internet. Results About You, accessible via your profile page, allows you to see what personal information is accessible via the search engine.

Google wants to fight cyberbullying with this new tool

The user can thus see if his phone number, email or physical address are accessible to all. If so, he can make a deletion request. Google will do this after review.

It should be noted that the American firm will not put the site concerned offline, but will dereference it. The information will still be accessible, but much, much more difficult to find since we will no longer be able to go through Google Search to access it. Google also promises that by 2023, notifications will be sent to you if private information appears on the net. Thus, it will be easy to request the deletion quickly. The goal is obviously to fight against cyberbullying, especially towards public people or people who have little notoriety. We have lost count of the number of times the number or address of such and such a person has been put online with a clear intention to harm.

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The request to delete personal data on the search engine has already been around for a while, in fact, but this tool just trying to make the process easier. It will no longer be necessary to manually search for information about yourself. For now, this new feature is only available in English. Google promises that support for other languages ​​will be available in the future, without however giving a precise date.