Google wants to take over the world in 2024: these are its leaked plans

google wants to take over the world in 2024 these.jpg
google wants to take over the world in 2024 these.jpg

Be careful with the Google colors inside

Google has a busy year ahead and full of surprises. And although everything should be secret, a recent leak has poked its nose into its planning and has shared with the world all company plans creator of Android. The surprise factor is lost, but, at least, we know what we are going to have ahead of us.

Typically, emails sent in the corporate environment are confidential. But in companies like Google, where thousands of workers work, always leaks may occur. In this case, an email sent by the CEO of the entity has ended up in the press. And the message reveals much more than they would have wanted to share with the public.

It wasn’t the best time

Like most companies In the technology sector, Google is experiencing times of readjustment. On the one hand, in terms of the projects or divisions on which it concentrates its efforts and, on the other, in terms of the employees it has on staff. Although the round of layoffs in 2024 may not be as large as the one in 2023, it cannot be said that the year has not started in a way that could be improved.

Exterior photo of the Google campus


To the layoffs that have been carried out in the first weeks of the year, Google now adds the reality of facing the fact that a large part of its 2024 plans have been leaked. And that is something that the company may not have liked at all, since it usually prefers keep your strategy secret so that its most direct rivals cannot benefit from it.

A seven point strategy

We are not talking about specific products, but about Google’s approach and strategic plans for the coming months of the year. The entity concentrates these intentions in seven points in which he will put all his efforts to try to achieve the objectives he has set for himself. In this way, they will try to make the company, as usual, one of the most important entities in the market.

Surely you will not be surprised to discover that the first point of its strategy for 2024 is related to AI. They say their goal is to create artificial intelligence that meets three characteristics: to be the most advanced on the market, the most responsible and, at the same time, the safest. It is a triple objective that cannot be denied that it is ambitious, especially in view of how competitive the AI ​​​​sector is and the many advances that other manufacturers are making.

The Android operating system robot with cottons

The second objective is to improve four features of the company: its learning capacity, the knowledge it accumulates, productivity and its creativity. In addition to this, they also plan to build the devices and computers throughout the year. more useful for users. Its fourth point is related to Google Cloud, considering promoting this cloud service with the mission that both developers and organizations have the opportunity to innovate in each of their respective fields. Highlighting the above, Google also aims to provide the world with platforms and products that guarantee a higher level of trust for those who use them.

The sixth point talks about their value as a company, mentioning that they want to build a company that is extraordinary both for its many employees as for people from all over the world. And the leak ends with the seventh point, in which Sundar Pichai states that they want to improve in four additional areas: their level of efficiency, speed, productivity and cost savings.

A Google employee tours the campus on a bicycle

With these plans ahead, Google is considering an ambitious 2024. The company wants to improve itself in most of its features and in aspects that, if improved, would allow it to climb positions significantly compared to its most direct rivals. That AI is the only real product mentioned in the seven-step strategy that has been drawn up for this year is a good demonstration of the investment volume and effort What are they going to put in it? We do not know if they will be able to emerge as leaders of this new technological trend, but it is clear that, at least, they are going to try by all possible means. And, around this, there will be their Smart operating systems and environments, from Android to Google TV or the Android TV system.



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