Google Wallet doesn’t work for several users – here’s what’s happening


In the last few days the reports relating to a new bug which is hitting Google Wallet and preventing you from properly using Google’s new digital wallet launched in July.

According to what has been learned from various testimonials shared on Reddit and from information shared by Android Police colleagues, it seems that some users are receiving a strange error message that prevents access to most of the application’s features, such as payments via NFC and much more.

The message in question is the one that usually appears when using an Android device without Google certifications, with root permissions or with a beta firmware, that is the one that warns of theabsence of the security requirements necessary for the functioning of Wallet.

Obviously the users in question confirm that they are using smartphone under normal conditions, therefore without root permissions, bootloader unlocked other elements that could justify the appearance of the ad. At the moment it is not clear what causes the problem, but if you have found it too, know that you are not alone. According to reports from Android Police, everything could be linked to a bug in the API dedicated to verifying the integrity of the smartphone, or Play Integrity, however there are no official confirmations in this regard.

Fortunately, there seems to be a temporary solution that allows you to get around the problem, namely the cleaning the cache of the Play Store. The procedure can be done directly from the app settings and has no effect on application data. However, we await a communication from Google or an update that can completely solve the problem.