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Google vs Apple: the person in charge of Android shoots with a bullet for not adopting the SMS of the future

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The SMS have become outdated as a method of communication between people. Currently, most messages are used to receive two-step verification codes, as well as to receive communications from companies. Instant messaging is much richer and more varied, and for this reason Google decided create RCS as an improved system. More and more android mobiles support it, but now the company has publicly complained that apple is ignoring this SMS system of the future.

Specifically, it has been Hiroshi Lockheimer, senior vice president of Google, who has shown his discontent with Apple. Lockheimer is in charge of supervising everything related to Android, and has charged against Apple for not adopting the new messaging standard. If they adopt it, cross-platform messaging would be much more comfortable and easy without having to resort to third-party applications.

Criticism of Apple for not supporting RCS

This weekend, Lockheimer tweeted about Apple and the “strategy” they are following with iMessagewhich is a closed wall of their platform that they use to pressure users to buy an iPhone if they want to use this private and closed messaging service.

Yesterday, Lockheimer had to be precise, as he wasn’t complaining that iMessage isn’t available on Android, but that Apple might support RCS, but chooses not to, even though it does support RCS. SMS and MMS. RCS is available in all new android phones through the Google app Posts, and almost all major carriers support it. For this reason, he has even offered to help Apple implement this system.


Tons of great discussion following my tweet over the weekend. Thank you for that. I wanted to follow up with some thoughts and clarifications:

— Hiroshi Lockheimer (@lockheimer) January 10, 2022

Use a universal system to communicate with people is important, as there are times when those people do not use some of the most popular apps. In Spain almost everyone has WhatsApp if they have a smartphone, but in other countries like the United States that is not the case; especially if they have an iPhone and use iMessage. For this reason, many people end up resorting to SMS to communicate in writing with some people without making a call if they only have their phone number.

The “problem» of RCS The reason Apple doesn’t integrate it is that it offers (almost) everything that iMessage has. It’s still missing things like groups, but it could pose a threat to such a distinctive Apple app. Meanwhile, iMessage users will continue to receive messages from Android users via classic SMS, with the green background allowing them to see that whoever is sending them the message doesn’t have an iPhone.

Google must also improve its messaging system

Google, for its part, could also simplify your applications. Until recently, the company’s messaging offering was in shambles, with Mmessages, Google Chat, Hangouts, Allo and Duo, where Allo has disappeared and Hangouts practically too. Currently, Google is promoting Duo, Messages and Google Chatbut the fact that they have three messaging applications indicates that they have to keep moving forward to simplify everything in a universal system.

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