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Google uses AI to bring these new features to Chrome

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The google team announced a series of new features that will be coming with the next chrome update.

We will find security and improvement functions in some sections of the web browser, thanks to the potential of new machine learning models.

Google Chrome will be updated with new features powered by AI

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One of the dynamics that will be improved in Chrome has to do with web notifications. Surely it has happened to you more than once that you enter a website and a message is displayed requesting permission to send notifications about future updates.

Chrome wants to prevent this dynamic from being a nuisance by silencing requests that it anticipates will not be in the user’s interest. A prediction that will be based on the user’s history and how they interacted with similar requests.

They also mention that their new machine learning model played a key role in increasing the effectiveness of detecting phishing attacks in Chrome:

[…] we implemented a new ML model that identifies 2.5 times more potentially malicious sites and phishing attacks than the previous model, resulting in a more secure web.

Another novelty that we will find in Chrome has to do with the “Routes” It is that function that we find in the browsing history to organize our searches by subject so that we can resume them at any time.

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With the new update, this dynamic will be improved as an AI function will be used to identify what language a web page is in and determine if it needs to be translated, based on user preferences.

And as a bonus, the new customizable button will finally arrive in Google Chrome. Thanks to AI, the browser will adjust the navigation bar to add the function or shortcut that we need at a certain time of day. Of course, all based on our browsing habits.

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